Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's National Sweater Day

How lucky are we in Canada that we actually get an whole day devoted to the sweater? The World Wildlife Fund invites us today to help to lower carbon dioxide emissions by lowering our thermostats 2 degrees (celsius) and throw on a sweater instead.  I love this initiative.  My father was always a big proponent of bundling up in the winter, instead of trying to heat our home to tropical standards.  Though as a teenager I complained (sometimes bitterly) I've come to love being able to bundle up in a big sweater, sipping a big glass of wine cup of tea, especially if that's accompanied by some knitting.  (Some trashy tv and chocolate are often in the mix as well.)  There's something comforting in putting on layers and keeping cozy while the winds blow outside.  

As an aside, if I could choose to snap my fingers and have a handknit ready for me to put on in honour of NSD today, this is the pattern I'd choose: 

What would yours be?  I'd love to hear which is your go-to sweater, handknit or no, for the serious cold.  And now I encourage you to throw on that favourite cold-weather-busting item, turn down the heat and take up the challenge. The planet will thank you.