Monday, September 10, 2007

the old ennuie

I am itching to finish a few projects right now. Specifically, the silk v-neck sweater I've been working on all summer. I've been doing the sleeves for what seems like forever. It will be a great relief to get them off the needles and begin the sewing!

I've made two of the pony tail hats in Opal sock yarn for my daughters and they've been a big success: easy to complete and very well-received by the wearers. They would make a great little Christmas gift to whip off in an evening or two!

I'm still labouring away on my reversibly-cabled afghan, which is going well but seems to move along at a snail's pace. I've got a good two feet completed which puts me at about the half way point (I think). It'll be a very cozy, comfortable blanket when it's finished, and it's a great fall knitting project. Perfect to let drape down over your legs on a crisp afternoon, whenever we get one of those!

I'm very eager to try the new Sirdar Baby Bamboo DK yarn, and to buy the Baby Bamboo booklet which features a number of really classic patterns for infants and kids. I like the colour choices of the yarn, not just your standard baby pastels (who's knitting with those anymore anyway?). I'm thinking ahead here, but my sister/best friend is beginning to drop hints that this may be the year that they start trying for a baby, so I am getting my niece/nephew knitting all lined up in my head!

I'll also be keeping my eyes peeled for a beautiful christening gown/set pattern, since the family christening gown, which all five of us siblings wore, was singed with an iron (by me) right before my last daughter was baptised. I have been feeling horribly guilty about it since, and have always planned to knit something gorgeous in order to make up for it. So we'll see.

All my plans for Christmas knit gifts, except for the afghan, seem as though they will be going unfulfilled unless I pick up the pace in short order. Which I doubt is likely. The nice thing about knitting plans though is that they can generally always be rolled over into the following birthday/anniversary or even next Christmas!

Still haven't received my fall issue of Interweave Knits, which is bothering me. I've been drooling regularly over the preview on their website, and I placed the subscription order way back in August. Will have to send an e-mail...hmmm