Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Mid-Winter Treat

Brooklyn Tweed has long been a favourite of Christy's and mine.  There's something about their rustic heathered wool that makes it so satisfying to work with, and the outstanding quality of the yarn guarantees that you'll end up with a project you'll wear well for years.  

It was a particular treat then this morning when I read on twitter that BT had released their Winter 13 collection today.  The collection features some absolutely beautiful sweaters and cardigans, and lovely accessories too.  There are pieces like the Hellebore sweater, and the Guernsey Triangle shawl, which feature some beautiful texture for those like me who love that sort of thing, and then there are some gorgeous options if you are a fan of colour work, like the Grettir Icelandic pullover (designed by BT founder Jared Flood), and the wonderfully patterned Kimmswick scarf.  

Take a few minutes, grab yourself a hot chocolate, and check out the look book on the Brooklyn Tweed website.  Even better, order yourself a pattern and some yarn and make yourself one these great pieces---it's a mid-winter treat you deserve to indulge in!


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