Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Horror of horrors

Well that didn't take long. I had only been knitting on my beautiful rosewood needles for two days or so before catching the tip of one of them in the handle of my car door. I grabbed for my knitting bag while getting out of the vehicle in Ottawa, and before I knew what was happening, I heard the telltale 'snap.' One tipless needle. Very very sad. My father, ever the optimist, says he will try to repair it for me, since it was a relatively clean break. I'm happy to let him give it a try, but we'll see.

Thankfully, I had a 4 mm circular needle with me, so I knit away with my remaining rosewood beauty and the grey metal circular replacement. Now I've switched back to my good old 4 mm bamboo pair, but it's just not the same...

Great headway on the little tunic/dress thing for Bronwyn, my middle daughter. I won't get much done this week though as it will be a crazy hectic week for me between work, an exam, and my youngest's birthday on Saturday. I forecast EXTREME caffeine consumption.

After the Saturday birthday party, I visualize myself on my porch, knitting on my lap, and cold brewed beverage in hand. Wish me luck!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Delinquent me

Yikes---April was a long time ago. Oh well, onwards and upwards I guess. I've completed two projects in the meantime: the cotton dress I talked about starting, and the small vest with a fair isle border.

I made both quite big (relative to their intended wearers) since I have a real phobia about ending up with a garment that is far too small after I've procrastinated for months, and taken way too long to finish the item. This means that my daughter's dress will fit her for the next 3 or 4 years!

Things have been extremely busy at home, with soccer season begun now in earnest. My 3 daughters and my husband all play. Luckily this creates many opportunities to knit, as we drive all over the place to games, and then while I sit in my folding chair and watch them play! Hours of needle time.

Also this spring I've been taking a course at the university of Ottawa, and my father happens to be taking a course that runs on the same days. He does the driving so again, excellent knitting time created for me as we cruise through the countryside twice a week!

My eldest daughter surprised me for my birthday back in April with a pair of Rosewood knitting needles. I've finally gotten a chance to use them and they are delicious---definitely like knitting with butter, as someone described them to me. I'll have to slowly build up a collection.

Lots of projects floating around in my head, and with the wool sales I'm seeing on these days it's hard to resist buying lots and salting it away. Saw a gorgeous Jo Sharp book at Wooltyme in Kingston the other day and spent many minutes drooling over it in store. (Children and husband take note---this type of purchase can be hidden away for Christmas, etc)

Off to Ottawa today (again!) to watch my younger brother compete in the provincial high school track and field championships. He throws javelin, and placed 2nd last year. Definitely bringing my knitting!