Sunday, April 1, 2007

Poisson D'Avril

We were woken up this morning by one of our three daughters (I was too bleary-eyed to see which one) slipping a block of ice into our bed, and shrieking "April Fools" down the hall as she ran out. We've managed to convince them now that we've been concocting an elaborate plan to avenge ourselves, so they have been living in fear for the rest of the morning!
I've been knitting in fits and bursts over the last month or so, but have only completed the sweater for Bridget, which turned out nicely. I sewed it while driving back and forth from Montreal over the March break. I've got most of the Monkeysuits dress done for Meredith, and I'm very pleased so far...I may even make one for Bronwyn afterwards, and then the tank top version for Bridget if I'm really enthusiastic about it.
I've also begun a fair isle border sweater vest for a friend's new baby, Niko. Both he and the vest are adorable. My husband and I have had a running argument about whether the sweater vest (in a light-weight DK) is geeky or very cute. (He of the opinion: vests are geeky, me of the opinion that all cute, hip baby boys are sporting these.) I feel rightly vidicated though, since visiting my friend Val the other day, and seeing her new portraits of her two boys BOTH in sweater vests (but a different colour than I'm making---whew) and looking sweet! So ha ha, and a big raspberry to my husband. He admits that baby style is not his forte.
Photos to follow, and now I'm back to the rush of the day. Knitting later, I hope.