Thursday, February 22, 2007

Little time to knit

It's been a busy week with work and children this week, and I've been craving some time to myself to knit. I was excited to receive my little package in the mail---very cute cotton wool from Elann and pattern from monkeysuits which I can't wait to knit up for Meredith. Of course, I'm trying to hold myself back from my usual bad habit of beginning the new project before finishing the old. I plan on heading home at lunchtime today to add a couple of inches to the sleeves of Bridget's sweater. I had run out of wool, so I was lucky to be able to stop into the Woolly Lamb yesterday, which is our local yarn shop. It's tiny, but crammed full of beautiful wool and a brilliant selection of patterns. I could have grazed around in there for a couple of hours, minimum, but I had two of my three children with me, as well as my partner, and they of them were less enthusisatic than I was. (The girls had a decent time inspecting the feel of different yarns, though---it's a start!)
I attended a concert last night in which my daughter's school choir participated. It was a Newfoundland act, the Cobblestones, and I had packed my knitting into my purse in case I found a need to fill the time. Happy to report, the show was very entertaining, so I didn't need to pull it out once. But this morning I discovered that unfortunately while fishing for my wallet at some point in the evening I'd accidentally yanked at my needles, and half a row had come off. This is likely what will occupy most of my lunchhour knitting session.
High hopes that I'll find time to finish the sweater in SWS this week...wish me luck.

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