Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wool 4

Here in Eastern Ontario, everyone is talking about the weather: it's COLD.  We're in the middle of a particularly frigid cold snap, which makes it a challenge to even venture  your toe out from under the one or two duvets on your bed in the morning.  I felt really bad for my 16 year old daughter, Bridget, who not only had to head out early in the -25C weather, she had to go out to go write an exam.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  

After getting her off to school early, I had a little extra time to browse through some new knits online.  Yesterday, Quince & Co published Wool 4, the latest in their Wool series.  In my knitting world, when Quince & Co release a new set of designs, it's big news.  

If you're not familiar with Quince & Co, they are an American yarn manufacturer, producing beautiful yarns that are sourced and spun in the United States in as earth- and labor-friendly a way as possible.  They admit to having a strong bias toward natural fibres, and their colourways are unique---very much mirroring colours found in nature. 

Wool 4 is a beautiful set of patterns, featuring a beret, a cowl, and three top-down sweaters, designed by Cecily Glowik McDonald and Melissa LaBarre.  On Q&Co's blog, they explain that each pattern meets all of the following criteria: each one is easy, it's wearable, and it's just a little bit unique.  Sounds about perfect to me.  Between the designs and the photography, Wool 4 is a treat to look through.

I think my favourite of the collection is the Sylvia sweater, which takes a simple stocking-stitch cardigan and tweaks it by designing the front closing on a diagonal.  That and a sweet cable detail on the front pocket make it a stand-out.  

So if you're hibernating today, and looking for a lovely project to start, or if you're in the mood for some online shopping, Wool 4 is available to purchase as a set, or by the individual pattern.  Quince and Co yarn is also available for purchase on their website.  You won't be disappointed.          -Hilary


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