Monday, May 27, 2013

A Love of Linen

I've been going through a bit of a knitting slump in the last little while.  This usually happens to me a few times a year; not that I stop thinking about all the knitting that I want to do, but just that the actual knitting time in my day falls short.  Up to a couple of days ago, we were enjoying blissfully warm and sunny weather around here so my afternoons and early evenings were spent in the backyard soaking it all up.  Combine this with the my most recent project's snag (more on that in a later post) and and I've been reluctant to pick up the needles.  That is, until I saw this...

Quince & Co did a wonderful job building anticipation of the Knitbot Linen collection by Hannah Fettig.  This picture above, makes me swoon - the colours are beautiful and you can almost feel the softness of the yarn as you look at this stack of Q & Co's Sparrow, a beautiful fingering weight yarn in organic linen.

A few days later, this arrived on my newsfeed and I was sold:

This most recent collection of Fettig's patterns makes me happy on so many levels.  They are simple and classic yet the pattern and yarn combination gives them interesting drape and an overall gorgeous look.

Now, just to decide on what I will knit from this collection.  My plan is to make this a 'road trip project' as our family is headed out to the east coast at the beginning of our summer vacation this year.  After knitting many projects for others, this special knit will be just for me.  I'm really drawn towards the two cardigan patterns - something to cover up a sleeveless summer dress or keep my arms warm on a breezy summer evening.

The Lineal and Brise cardigans are both beautiful.  The lightness of Lineal would finish off a great layered look and the more substantial Brise would be so casual and comfortable, yet still modern and chic.  As you can see, I'm still on the fence.  What do you think? Suggestions for colour choice are welcome too!

Here's a shot from my backyard, with a little of what's been distracting me from my knitting over the last couple of weeks.  Can you blame me?

                                                                                            -- Christy

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