Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring Fever

For the last 4 or 5 days, our weather forecast here in most of Ontario has shown nothing but sun, sun, sun. After a long, cold and, at least for me, not-so-great, winter, you can feel an almost audible sigh of relief as we all put the chilly months behind us and embrace the warmth that we will enjoy for the next, oh, three-and-a-half months or so.  (Altogether too short a time, imho.)

There are moments in almost every winter here in Eastern Ontario when it is so cold outside and the snow is so deep that it becomes impossible to believe that it can ever be swelteringly hot here.  The idea of being able to feel a warm breeze, lie out in a bathing suit, or smell freshly cut grass and sweet springtime lilacs blooming seems like a fairy tale, or a vivid dream that you just can't forget.  So when spring finally commits itself to us in May (usually after a couple of false starts in March and April) I find myself feeling hopeful, much lighter of spirit, and energized for the many activities and adventures awaiting us in the summer.  Except for the mosquitos -- I could do without them. 

The winter blahs hit me hard after losing my father in February, and have dogged me on and off in the months since.  This has had a most definite impact on my knitting and my writing.  Sad to say, I still have projects on the needles that ought to have been finished over the March break, and the gaps between my posts here have been too long.  The sunshine this past week has definitely helped to lift my mood, and I've made significant progress on sewing Bridget's cardigan.  I just have the button band left to knit, and then to pick said buttons, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel now: it will, mercifully, get finished.  

Then it will be on to the man-scarf on the raw silk, which has also been sitting idle.  It's been going well, and I'm pleased, I think, with the overall look.  I have a feeling however that it will be one of those projects that will look remarkably different once blocked -- in a good way, I'm hopeful.  

With all my thoughts happy meandering off towards the summer months, I wanted to post three lovely summer-inspired things.  Two are knits, one is something other.  

What I'd Like to Wear: this light breezy tank is Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy.  I've been aching to make myself one for the last 2 summers, and I think this year might be the year.  (...if I ever finish my current projects, lol.)  I love the simple stocking stitch in the body which beautifully sets off the simple texture in the top section.  I even love this colour -- but I think against my extremely pale Irish complexion, I might look a little ghostly.  I welcome suggestions.

Free is always good: this sweet little sweater is a free pattern from the wonderful peeps at Espace Tricot in Montreal.  The pattern is called L├ęger, which is the French for 'light'. It's knit in linen DK weight yarn in the round from the bottom up, and the pattern includes directions for 11 sizes.  In addition, it's very simple to make changes to both body and sleeve length to make it exactly the way you'd like it.  This pullover says Saturday shopping to me: a pair of capris and some flip flops, sunglasses, a big canvas tote, and a few girlfriends and you're all set.

Soft White Bed Linens: Once the weather starts to warm up, one of the changes I always like to bring into my bedroom is white bed linens.  These ones are from West Elm.  There is something about the combination of the white duvet cover and the longer light each day that just makes the entire room seem airier and more relaxed.  I love the pairing here of the chevron-patterned pillow against the white, but I also love being able to add a pop of colour -- a bright yellow or green, or even a hot pink -- with a pillow or throw blanket to give the room a little extra energy.  What are your go-to home pick-me-ups for spring?

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