Sunday, February 18, 2007

Finished the wrist warmers yesterday...and I'm always so happy when a project I've begun on a whim actually gets completed, and in a (relatively) short time. I quite enjoyed the yarn also, Diamond Tempo (25% wool, 75% acrylic). The colour was very rich, and the mix of acrylic would make it a good choice for kids' sweaters, etc. I'll have to see how it holds up with wear---hopefully no pilling. We'll see...

I immediately picked up Bridie's sweater (raglan sleeve j.crew-style rollneck, with a nice tangly cable down the front) and this morning finished the front. I'm using Patons SWS for this, but I don't know if I'd use it again for a sweater like this. It looks very pretty with the stripes, but I'm sure it's bound to get filthy over and over as it goes down through my three daughters, and I'm sure I'll end up ruining it at some point in the wash. Oh well.

I'm expecting an order from this week, which will be fun. I've ordered a great reversibly cabled afghan pattern, and it'll be my first afghan attempt ever.

Great pancake and waffle breakfast this morning made by my husband, Jeremy. I hope my mum never reads this, but his pancakes (from scratch) are even better than hers!

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